Blog Post #4

8 Dec

The poem that I read on the blog was called “Rape Poem”. Although it was a short poem it was very affective in displaying its message to the audience. Obviously this poem was about a rape. The woman who wrote it describes her experience by being raped by a man. The first line is “He broke me and controlled me drink after drink.” This could have many different interpretations but I think that it means that with each drink he broke her by getting her to trust him more and open up more, and that he controlled her because each drink she would be getting more drunk given him not of an advantage to rape her.

One line that I found very powerful is “the removal of clothing, the removal of self, drunk and dirty and pained.” She uses a metaphor as the removal of self. The violation that she feels removes her out of her own body to the point where she has lost complete control that she is not even present in her own self. I think this poem is extremely effective because it gives the audience a chance to see not only how she was violated but how disgusted and truly affected she was by it. It is obvious to tell from the poem (especially the last line) that she is obviously affected by it every single day. She says “my mouth is always sore, and my lips still bleed.” I am not quite sure what exactly it means in the way that she uses it, but I definitely can interpret from it that she feels the pain from her rape all of the time.

Although this poem recalls a horrible experience in a woman’s life I feel that it is very empowering. Not only does she get to get her feelings out in the open in an artistic way, but she gets the chance to help other women going through the same experience and feelings.



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