Lizzy Seeberg and the Dark Side of the Sister School Experience

8 Dec

Ysamar Garcia

Blog Post #5

“Lizzy Seeberg and the dark side of the sister school experience”

Written by Courtney on the feministing blog, this article explains the case of a young first-year girl in St. Mary’s all women’s college. A football player at the end of august assaulted the girl, Elizabeth “Lizzy” Seeberg. Seeberg reported it to the police and underwent counseling at the nearby hospital. On September 10th Seeberg died after overdosing on an anti-depressant. The police did not take the case to the prosecutor’s office only until her story became national news, and all the while the man who assaulted her continued to play football with no punishment.

First of all, why didn’t they do their job? And second, why wasn’t she taken serious? Courtney, who went to Barnard, says that Barnard, along with Columbia, Notre Dame, and St. Mary’s “have a horrendous dynamic in terms of gender”. Being told that they weren’t smart enough and that’s why they weren’t in Columbia, and this is still going on today, puts down students who are not in Columbia. Also, the female students outside of Columbia are perceived to be “easy”. This is why Seeberg’s case was not taken seriously by the police officers.

Who are they to judge a young girl? She can’t be “easy” if she reported to the police that she was assaulted. She was an innocent freshman girl who was faced by the put-downs and judgments that others have put on her because of the school she went to. I’m sure she didn’t expect this; I’m sure all she wanted was an education.

Things like this are what make our society look horrible, and it is simply outrageous the way Seeberg was treated. It doesn’t matter what school she’s from or what others say, as a police officer you should be the one to do all you can to protect.  And the colleges need to enforce their rules and regulations, because the kind of behavior going on in those schools is not acceptable. Getting your education should not have to include being judged and put down; instead it should be a positive experience to lead to positive results.


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