“Sexism” in the Sweet realm – a big fat follow-up post

9 Dec

This blog post discusses a New York Times ballet dance critic who recently reviewed a professional performance of the Nutcracker, and proceeded to comment on the size of the two lead dancers. One of the dancers, the girl, suffered at one point from anorexia, and the blogger on Feministing discusses how the writer states that she had probably consumed “one too many sugarplums.”

I am a Musical Theater major here at Pace, and part of the major is being involved in dance. Though I am no where near a professional ballerina, the pressures for a performer, especially a female one, to be thin are incredible in the performing arts world. Before you enter the professional world of auditioning, you must know your “type,” in other words, what you look like and the rolls you are likely to be cast as. Many of the girls I know have been told by the heads of our department that as a girl, you must either choose to be fat, or skinny, there is no in between. You must be considered as the “funny character part” or the attractive “ingenue” type.

I find it interesting that this writer had the nerve to write about the size of these dancers in the Times. It is clear that neither of them had anything close to a weight problem that inhibited them from giving an amazing performance, and if they didn’t give a performance that was up to this critic’s standards, it is ridiculous that he could possibly try to blame this on their size or weight.

Emily Stockdale


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