“You Will Get Pregnant And Die”

11 Dec

Sex Ed in schools across America isn’t what it should be. I remember sitting in class. I was in the tenth grade and our form of sex ed was a health class that taught us to be healthy and sporadically maybe sometimes include a picture of an STD. Was it informative about sex ? No. Did I learn anything? No. My sex ed was basically learning from trial and error. And I can agree 1000000% with the author of this post.  Sex ed should teach us everything we need to know, for real. Not the sugar coated topics on a teachers syllabus. Teach girls about rape, about STD’s in depth, about things that happen to our bodies. Teach guys about what they have about how to use what they have. Etc. Being informative is more than just teaching us how to put a condom on a banana and telling us to be abstinent. A higher percentage of students are already engaging in sexual activity so teach us to protect ourselves instead of just telling us not to have sex.

Like the author said, “Sex ed should, above all, enable girls to communicate and advocate for what they do and don’t want their sexuality to consist of. This is what I, as an American teenage girl, want from my school. Ya know, in case anyone care”



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