Blog Post #4-

13 Dec

For this blog post, I chose to write a reaction to a very provocative and very disgusting event that took place in one of the libraries are Harvard university just a few days ago. On, there is an article which discusses how urine was found on at least 40 LGBT books in the Lamont Library at the prestigious university. In the article, written by Samhita, was interesting to me, because it just goes to show that after all of the progress that has been made regarding the acceptance of varying sexual identities, there is still a lot of work to be done. instead of resting on our laurels, and becoming comfortable with how society is, we must make further strides in trying to eradicate this cruel and concerning intolerance for the gay community. The perpetrators of this crime may have found this incident to be a joke, but its implications can be so much for far reaching than simply extracting a cheap laugh from a juvenile prank. Everyday, in this country in particular, people are bullied, harrassed, and made to feel ashamed by their sexual orientation. some of these people stay strong, and try to remain unfazed by such blind hatred, while others- (for example the Rutgers student who was exposed for being gay on the internet)- resort to  more serious and often lethal measures.  In the article, Marco Chan, Co-chair of the Harvard College Queer students and Allies stated that “I am very outraged. It is hard to conceive this as a coincidence when there are 40 books on the same subject,” My response to this statement is that it was definitely no coincedence. these “pranksters” (for academic sake) knew very well what they were doing, and there intentions were filled with malice and ill-will. Instead of loathing this disgusting show of hatred, however, work should be done to remedy the situation, and bring on more tolerance to the Harvard College campus, and also every other campus. While I do not want to overgeneralize for the fact that their are a lot of bright and good-hearted people at Harvard University, I think this incident says more about the college as a whole, and their views on sexual orientation. The students and faculty can make it right, however, by spreading awareness, spreading tolerance, and spreading acceptance.

-Bryan McGarthy- pace university


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