Urine found on at least 40 LGBT books in a Harvard library

13 Dec

Ysamar Garcia

Blog Post #6


When I first read this title I couldn’t help but bring my eyebrows together in confusion. I didn’t believe what I was reading until I read the article. Apparently it is true and it has brought a lot of frustration and anger, as it should. People have gone to the extremes, such as killing homosexuals, because they do not agree with their sexual orientation. As horrible as that is, urinating on books that have to do with LGBT is disrespectful and ignorant. Why is it so hard to be open-minded? Why is it so hard to accept the fact that not everyone is the same? Society has definitely brainwashed the people who have committed this hate crime.

The homosexuals in Harvard must feel outraged, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they also felt scared. If it were the other way around, and homosexuality was the norm, and people in my campus urinated on books about heterosexuality I would be very uncomfortable and feel threatened. After all that homosexuals have already gone through, they do not deserve to continuously be ridiculed and cast out. They are human beings just like heterosexuals, and they feel and hurt the same way. In such a school, that has high standards, it amazes me at how much ignorance exists.



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