2010- Not the Year of the Woman in American Business

15 Dec


I just read this post on feministing.com that states actual statistics showing numbers of women who held executive officer positions in major American corporations this year. Companies such as Delta Airlines, Kohls, Radio Shack, Citigroup, Loews, Blockbuster, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Apple are all without a single woman executive officer. The Catalyst Census was released this week and tracks the number of women in the top businesses positions in corporations in America. This year 14.4 % of Fortune 500 companies have women in top earning positions, which is an increase from last year, 32% have one woman executive officer, and 27.4% don’t have any.

Though this Census includes only Fortune 500 companies, it shows how women really are not equal to men yet in the corporate work place. It was nice to see that the percent of top business women went up a little since last year, and is slowly rising, but it was interesting to me how most of these companies have one or no women making the major business decisions about the companies’ futures. It will be interesting to see how the statistics change in the future as woman continue to be more career driven. The way we are socialized has made it difficult today for women to have a huge career and perhaps raise a family, which is probably the main reason these statistics are the way they are. Though this is surely changing, women now are faced with having to be a “superwoman” and balance both, whereas a man’s career is what is traditionally thought of as most important. As long as women are the ones having babies, they will always have to take time off work to be a mother, which will constantly make it more challenging to be equal competitors with men in the work place. But it is nice to see that gradually, the numbers of women holding top executive positions are rising in America today and that family dynamics will continue to change in our society to support women who have important careers.

Emily Stockdale


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