15 Dec

For our fifth blog post of the semester, I came across an article written by Bre K. within the F bomb blog. The title of the article is “Eliminating Gender Expectations Starting With The Dorms”, and immediately, it jumped out at me. As a male student, taking a class that mostly focuses on the problems women in society face, while at the same time being in a class with mostly women, the article related to me 100 percent. the article speaks to the fact about how taking a women’s studies class in college automatically gives you the branding of a male bashing-feminist who believes that guys are pigs, and that women deserve better. I too faced this when I told my friends I was taking a women’s studies class, and as a guy, I think the ridicule may be even stronger. With every guy friend that I’ve told about me taking the class, I was immediately laughed and, and asked the same question, ” What the hell is wrong with you?’ I have to admit, I was a little embarrassed at first, but once I realized that me taking this class was perhaps one of the best things i’ve ever done to help me get over some of my own stereotypes and gender ideas, I am no longer embarrassed. The the article, the author speaks to the conversation she had with several of her male athlete friends, who teased her for being a male-hating feminist and belittled her by saying that, “guys are better- they’re better at every sport”. The fact is, that is just not true. While sports have often been reserved for the men of this world, and perhaps, the strongest man is biologically stronger than the strongest women, that has does not mean that this stereotype should be over-generalized to cover every woman. If you take a female track star, and put her next to any average man, she will certainly beat him in a race-both by speed and by stamina. In the 1970’s, in what was dubbed as “The Battle of the Sexes, female tennis player  Billy Jean King defeated her male counterpart in an epic match, to prove that women have just as much game as men. Sure, the average male is probably stronger than the average female, and biology has a lot to do with that- but as the other says, “every body type is different” and we must not make these stereotypical generalizations . in the blog post, the author talks about a book written by Allan G. Johnson entitled, ” Patricarchy: The System”, in which he says that we tend to follow a path of “least resistance” in order to be accepted within society. This is by far the truest statement for the exact reason the author goes on to explain. Her two friends, who happen to be roomates, both enjoy listening to taylor swift, and both enjoy watching the twilight movies. while both of these guys are straight, they are constantly ridiculed for being gay, and  are stuck in the web of sexism that society has spun. In closing, I think it is time to elimate gender expecations, and instead, let people do what makes them happy. My favorite singer is Michael Buble, and i’ve seen the notebook a dozen times!


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