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15 Dec

Urine found on at least 40 LGBT books in a Harvard library.

By Samhita | Published: December 13, 2010


I read an article called Urine found on at least 40 LGBT books in a Harvard library. At first when I read the title I was appalled. The fact that one of the three top schools libraries had forty books with urine on them is disgusting. One thing that I find so odd is that Harvard is one of the top three schools and the way these brilliant students decide to protest and show their opinion is by peeing on forty books. Then to add to it they were LGBT books is disgusting. To summarize this article, forty books were found to be vandalized by urine in one of Harvard’s libraries called Lamont Library. Since the books are LGBT books and deal with LGBT issues such as gay marriage and other issues like that this incident is being investigated as a hate crime.

There are two main quotes I would like to concentrate on by Marco Chan’11 co-chair of the Harvard College Queer Students and Allies, called the incident “extremely frustrating” and “disconcerting,” and said that it represents a concern not only for the LGBT community, but for the Harvard community at large. “I am very outraged. It is hard to conceive this as a coincidence when there are 40 books on the same subject,” Chan said. “The message that is incident sent to me is that we need more resources not only for the LGBT community but also targeted towards other people.”

Personally I think this is degrading and unfair to the LGBT community that has worked so hard at attaining the same rights. Anne Fausto- Sterling would agree, “European and American culture is deeply devoted to the idea that there are only two sexes” (Fausto-Sterling 2000). This quote just proves the point of this article that society just wants two sexes. You can either be a male who has male genitals and who is attracted to women or a female who has female genitals and is attracted to men. There is no room for anything in between and this is the problem. Men and women are born with ambiguous genitals or born to a sex that they do not want to be. They might even be attracted to the same sex.

“If nature really offers us more than two sexes, then it follows our current notions of masculinity and femininity are cultural conceits” (Fausto-Sterling 2000). Anne Fausto-Sterling is arguing the same thing. Women and men are born different every day. Obviously if nature is allowing men and women to be born gay or with ambiguous genitals then it is happening for a reason and people are meant to be that way.

This act against the LGBT community is disrespectful and degrading. The fact that a person would go as low as to pee on a library book to prove a point is shocking. The LGBT community does not deserve to be treated this way. Samhita and Anne Fausto-Sterling would agree with me when I say I think that there needs to be more done to the LGBT community. These people are being victimized for no reason and the perpetrators need to be stopped.


2 Responses to “Blog Post # 6”

  1. profpetrino December 15, 2010 at 9:26 pm #


    You use Fausto-Sterling’s argument in a very relevant, sophisticated manner here. Good work.

    • cwalton13 December 19, 2010 at 3:20 pm #

      I agree, that was sick act & I hope the catch those perverted homophobes who did it!

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