Blog 6

16 Dec

The article I chose is called eliminating the gender norms.  Once again, some moronic feminist is whining about double standards.  For example Women can like Taylor Swift, but if a man does that makes him gay.   She mentions how once again women who take gender classes are “unfairly” labeled as man hating losers.  The author also goes into detail on how women are just as good as men as sports.  I find this line really hilarious.  Men are superior at sports.  Its a fact, so these loser feminists need to get over themselves.   You do have your exceptions though.  Billie Jean, a female tennis player beat a man.  I thinks its hilarious how feminazi’s hold on to this one example.  The author of this author really pisses me off as well.  I despise these self pitying feminists with every inch of my being.  Perhaps one day, women won’t complain for every little thing.  Feel free to comment.

-John DiChiaro


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