Blog Post 5

16 Dec

30 Hoops is a very short article, but I really liked it because I can relate to it.  This article is about a young girl who struggled to fit it. The reason for her struggle was her physical appearance. Society didn’t accept her because at the 10 she was about 6 feet tall. She explains that the first time she ever felt comfortable with herself was when she was asked by older students to play basketball on their team. She was saying that basketball became part of her identity. It was her acceptance ticket into the society. She mentions that basketball gave purpose to her appearance, and though she wasn’t very good, “On the court, I was valuable, powerful, unique, strong”.  The main point that the author brings out in this article is that a lot of young women suffer from insecurities about their bodies. In her case, basketball was a way for her to avoid those insecurities.
I really like this article because I myself use basketball as a way to escape from reality. Basketball is my happy place, and a place where I can clear my head. I am sure that every person has one thing they like to do when they feel angry, scared, lost, or emotionally weak. I agree with the author that a lot of young women and men suffer while developing a relationship with their bodies. Insecurities always lead to people losing confidence in them. Women especially tend to doubt their appearance. They know that society is a lot tougher on women rather than man when it comes to physical appearance. You have to be confident in yourself if you want others to be confident in you. Author brings out an outstanding point that in order for people to get rid of their insecurities they have to find a way of turning their faults into advantages. In her case, she used her height as an advantage, and she encourages us to do something similar. I really believe that turning insecurities into advantages will help people feel more comfortable with their physical appearance.


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