“Why Jay Electronica Can Go Choke On His Own Words”

16 Dec

I agree with this author’s post a hundred and one percent. One too many times sex is portrayed as some sort of game that can be misinterpreted by many children and young teens.

I feel that Jay Electronica as a rapper who is now in the public eye due to his signing with Roc Nation and Jay-Z should tone things like that down a bit because of his younger audience.

As this author stated Jay knew that this was a younger crowd but still continued to talk about these choking situations with females.

Then the author talked about

“we know it’s not funny. Relax.”- Jay Electronica

“How many women have been gently coerced into sex they didn’t want to have under an insistent chorus of “just relax”?- Crunk Feminist Blog

I feel like this is a major issue in our society … sex is seen as a joke and not a serious matter, too many people jokingly make “rape” remarks and too many people take these things lightly when it can really damage someones life.

I also feel that men put women into this demeaning category when it comes to sex. Like women don’t have much say in it cause men feel like they are the ones who know what pleases a women. Like CrunkFeminist says ..”At the moment that this becomes about generalizing female sexual practices under one banner, it no longer becomes about women, but about men’s idea and projection of who they would like us to be.” Men feel the need to make women what they WANT but don’t really ever see the needs of the women.

My point is I think sex should be taken more seriously … and Jay Electronica shouldn’t open up his shows asking if women like to get choked …  -__-




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