Blog Post # 1 – Eliminating Gender Expectations Starting with the Dorms

18 Dec

I thought that this article was quite interesting because it talks about sexism prevalent in colleges and that is something we all can relate to. The author talks about how, just by taking a women gender studies class  automatically makes her a man hating feminist stereotype. She shares with us the personal experiences that she has had in her dorms. She talks about these three guys who always taunt and degrade her, portraying her as a feminist and a man hater. They keep talking about how men are better than women in every way. They specifically bring sports into highlight and say that no woman can ever beat a man in sports. They constantly insist that just because men are physically stronger than women, they are the superior being. The author mentions that its not just men who are to be blamed for these generalization and stereotypes. Its the society as a whole that has been tossing this salad of sexism for both men and women from the very beginning. Men are supposed to be tough, strong and sometimes a bit careless whereas women are supposed to be delicate, gentle and a bit dependant. She also brings to light that its not just women who are affected by these stereotypes. She talks about one of her ‘straight’ male friends who confesses that he likes listening to Taylor Swift’s music and how big of a ‘Twilight’ (the movie) fan he is; and how he is judged by other men as being gay.

I completely agree with the author that its the society that has given birth to these male and female stereotypes. Right from the beginning as kids, boys are taught to be strong and tough, and girls, the other way around. This also extends to your taste in music, movies, sports, clothing, you name it and there is a stereotype for it. Action movies, hip-hop music, baggy clothing are all considered to be masculine whereas drama/romantic movies, pop music and tight clothing are considered to be feminine. As a matter of fact, these stereotypes are targeted more towards men than women. For example, a man listening to Britney Spears’ music is considered feminine or gay, but this does not apply to women who enjoy listening to ‘gangster rap’ or ‘hard rock’ music. I have also noticed that there are stereotypes associated with alcoholic beverages and cocktails. Scotch and whisky are considered to be masculine drinks whereas cocktails like martinis are considered more feminine. These stereotypes about men and women have been prevalent in our society from the very beginning and I believe that its time for a change. We live in a modern world where there is no place for stereotypes like these. Every person has his/her own individuality and they should not be genrealized based on their sex. We all need to stop worrying about what others would think of us and should pave our own way and do things the way we like them.


One Response to “Blog Post # 1 – Eliminating Gender Expectations Starting with the Dorms”

  1. oleggusev December 19, 2010 at 6:04 am #

    I totally agree with your opinion. Earlier today I watched a video, which talked about stereotypes for men. You have mentioned that men are raised to be strong, and buff, but one thing I think you forgot to mention is that men are not supposed to show emotions (especially fear, and pain). All of those stereotypes are part of “man box”. A man box is like a guideline for boys to become man, and if at any point in type you go outside of the box, you are considered feminine. I really like your opinion in regard to music differences. I never thought about it before.
    The link below is the link to the video I have mentioned earlier.

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