Blog Post # 6

18 Dec

Over the past few years, the trend in video game has been changing tremendously. More and more people are playing video games every year.  In this blog, I want to focus on an article The (Big-Breasted) curse of women in video games. I want to emphasize the importance of gender in video games, as well as the representation of female characters in those games. This article does a great job in providing some interesting facts in regards to video games and how they are mainly targeting towards males. The ratio between male and female gamers is 62%- 38%. There are a lot more male players than there are female. Author states that in the gaming world, a boy is synonymous to a video game fanatic, whereas a girl is seen as a stranger in a strange land. What I found interesting is that only 11% of game developers are female. I think that that might be the reason why there are only few games that are based on female characters. According to the article, 85% of all video game characters are male. Male characters are always very diverse. They could be strong, weak, handsome, ugly, or average looking; you name it, whereas there is always consistency when it comes to female characters. There is always a stereotype for female characters; they are all incredibly beautiful with skinny waist and large breasts. Author feels that portraying all female characters like that is very degrading to real women.

First of all I want to say that every gamer knows exactly what the author is talking about. I myself played hundreds of video games and all of them portray women characters as extremely sexual beings with gigantic breasts and gorgeous faces. I never understood the purpose for that. Do they think that all men like large breasts? I totally agree with the author that it is very degrading to real women. There are few games on the market today that prove that female characters bodies don’t play as much role as the plot of the game, and game play itself.  The whole argument that males dominate the video game industry is right on the money. The numbers speak for themselves. There are a lot more males playing video games; therefore game developers will do whatever it takes to please their male customers. I believe that the gaming industry is very sexist and that’s why there are very few female developers. I am sure that if more women would play video games that there would be more video games based mainly on female characters. Don’t get me wrong there are a couple of outstanding games that are based on female characters but there are a lot more games that are based on male characters. Like I said previously, gaming industry is changing tremendously. Now, we have things like PlayStation Move, Xbox Kinect, and Wii all of which allow players to use their bodies as a controller.  Because of those consoles, more and more games are coming out that are not gender based. Dancing games, as well as sports games that can be enjoyed by both females and males. To conclude what I was saying, I agree with the author, especially with the idea that female characters should not only be represented as sex symbols.


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