Get Back in the Kitchen

18 Dec

Blog Post #3

For over years women have been given the role of doing the house work which would include cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children and serving the man of the house. Although times have changed and men are now doing the roles that once were only for women, there is still the assumption that women have to serve men and either make food for them or get them anything they want from the kitchen. The joke “get back to the kitchen” clearly shows that women are expected to do the kitchen work and get what the man wants. As Holly talks about in her post, there is nothing wrong with saying NO I’m not going to back to the kitchen! Although this expression is used as a joke, disagreeing those not mean that were nagging psycho bitches. It just shows that we don’t agree with this view and that men should and can do it for themselves. I mean it is just simply unfair for us women to have to do everything that has to do with the kitchen while men get to leave and watch TV. Holly also talks about how girls think it’s ok to get told this as a joke coming from a guy, when all its doing is going along and in a way accepting the domestic role that is given to women. As long as women keep agreeing with this view that society has given us then it will never go away. The sad part is that before it was the only thing we were assumed to do as a women but over time there have been more roles added to what women are expected to do. Now women not only have the domestic role, but have to work and take care of the children. As if it wasn’t enough with maintaining the house clean, making food and taking care of the kids now after a long day at work women are expected to go do a second job. I simply agree with Holly’s view because it is ok for us women to say no and should try to stop this view. I wouldn’t mind if my brother helped clean the table after a holiday party instead of leaving and relaxing….WE CAN SAY NO!


One Response to “Get Back in the Kitchen”

  1. emilystockdale December 24, 2010 at 4:10 am #

    I totally agree with you! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and my mom is always in charge of the turkey, and my dad usually helps with one or two smaller elements of the meal. It is funny that over the years there are ROLES in our kitchen for preparing our holiday feast. Today my dad was complaining about my mom nagging at him to make his side dish. I thought to myself,–you don’t have to make the turkey, let alone anything else, shut up. My parents have a pretty equal marriage, but it is interesting to see that my mom is always “expected” to prepare the main elements of the meal–but it would be scary if my dad did.

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