Okay, beer companies, enough is enough!

18 Dec

Blog Post # 2


The first thing that caught my attention was the picture of a pretty woman, who you would assume is skinny because of her face but in reality has a large body. Aside from the picture as soon as I began to read the post, I began to think about commercials that show women as attractive and sexy if you consume the beer that is being advertised. Danielle, talks about the many issues that these commercials and ads that are geared for men have. They use women to sell their products in a disrespectful way that clearly affects the way we as women are seen in society. As Danielle points out, the caption reads: “Only 29% alcohol” which means that if you drink Coopers Beer you can forget about how unattractive the woman might look and in no time you will be staring at an attractive and sexy woman. I mean seriously do men actually believe this? Not only that but why are these ads getting published when all they do is disrespect the image of a woman? If it wasn’t enough with often seeing commercials about losing weight and being told by society that being skinny is the only way you will look good. In the other picture the message is that some women are so unattractive that only big breast would save them and by drinking Coopers Beer you will not mind her face but pay mind to her breast. I personally took this offensively because they are making fun of women in a way that completely judges their physical appearance and makes it seem as if they were ugly. These men get the idea that attractive women should be skinny, blonde, and have big boobs to get their attention. I simply DISAGREE! Women need to stop being told by society how we are suppose to look because the simple truth is that we all are different and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We need to stop getting judged and criticized and let us be happy the way we are! Women are always put in a position that makes them question and lack self confidence for reasons like these.


One Response to “Okay, beer companies, enough is enough!”

  1. kaliponzo December 22, 2010 at 7:12 pm #

    Wow. That’s disgusting. I can’t believe that they were allowed to put these ads out without people saying anything about them.

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