Tell It Like It Is: Demystifying Childbirth for Teens

18 Dec

Blog Post #5

I found this post very interesting because I feel that it raises a very important point, and that is that teenage girls should be told the truth about childbirth and talked about it either in school or by women who can share their experiences. It is clear that many young teenage girls are getting pregnant at a very young age, like the show “16 & Pregnant” where girls share their stories before and after their pregnant. I think it would be the smart thing to do, to inform these girls about the process and what can happen during and after childbirth instead of leaving it out for them to experience it themselves to learn. As women we should try to educate one another as much as possible and not let these topics just stay as something that we are ashamed to talk about like the menstrual period. Like Reb points out it is something that is common and should be definitely be talked about.Ofcourse we all know is not the best thing to talk about but it would be something helpful and beneficial for teen girls to know. Society has made us be private about certain topics that in reality are put out there more by the media then by women. For example commercials and ads about pads or tampons that tells the world that it happens to us once a month and we can get all these symptoms. But then yet at the same time we are told not to talk about it because it’s personal. I just feel that childbirth should not be kept as a secret because girls are seen as to young to understand. Many things are changing and maybe these stories and talks can prevent from girls becoming sexually active or at least use protection to prevent it at such an early stage in their lives. I found the caption in the picture interesting…”THE ENEMY…?” because it is showing how childbirth is not talked about because it is seen as BAD or WRONG and the truth is that is normal and most definitely not bad.


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