Blog Post #1

19 Dec
You Will Get Pregnant And Die is a very interesting article that talks about sex education. The author starts off talking about her first experience with sex education, and how at the age of 12 she was supposed to put a condom on a fake penis in front of the entire class. She says that she was so nervous that her hands were sweaty and she couldn’t put it on. She goes on describing her sex education in high school and how bad that education was. She recalls numerous times when her teacher said, “Abstinence is the only 100% guaranteed protection against STDs and pregnancy”. The author was getting very irritated with that phrase because it was obvious, but her teacher kept repeating it.  She said that her teacher treated everybody as if they were empty buckets, and she tried to fill them up with information and moral commentary.  Author felt like the repetition of certain phrases was in insult to her intelligence. She believes that abstinence is only successful on an individual level. If a person decides to refrain from sex than it is one thing, however institutional abstinence is a whole different story. Author wants sex education to be a discussion between a teacher and students, rather than one-way speech. She believes that providing scientific facts are important, but not as important as helping young girls understand the meaning of sex. According to her article, sex education should teach young girl to communicate what they want and what they don’t want, because often that is part of a problem.

I feel like this article is absolutely terrific. It brings out some interesting points that I never thought about before. I feel like this article helped me place myself into the shoes of young women who never had sex before. This article is definitely an eye opener for males in regards to women’s first sexual experience. Reading this article taught me that in comparison to men; minor details play a huge role for young women. According to what I have read in this article, I think that sex education classes should be called “avoid sex or else…”. Instead of teaching girls to avoid sex, teachers should put themselves in young girl’s shoes. They should talk to them and just give them an advice. One of the ideas that the author brought up is that sex education should be a lot more than to scare girls from having sex. Helping young girls understand sex will help reduce trauma during their first sexual experience. I cannot agree more. I had a female friend whose first sexual experience was very traumatizing and only because she didn’t know what to expect. Author says, “I want to have been taught about the pain and the pleasure, bodily fluids, and noises involved in order to combat the sterilized version of sex that we have been confronted with from an early age, which simply involves kissing, nudity, moaning, dim lighting, and romantic background music”. Those are the minor details I was talking about, and those are the things that sex education classes should teach.


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