Blog Post #2

19 Dec

The article Formspring and Feminism discusses the issue of bullying over the Internet. Author talks about the countless opportunities that teenagers have to harass one another, through variety of different technologies. Just to name few; texting, twitter, and facebook are all modern technologies that millions of people use to communicate with one another. However, a lot of people use those technologies to bully others. Author believes that the worst one is formspring. She deactivated her account because of the offending questions she often received. She considers herself a feminist and she says that a lot of questions that women are asked are sexist. There are questions regarding women’s sex lives, their sexuality, their weight, all of which are private matters. Being a feminist, one thing that struck her the most was the number of comments that referred to some women as sluts, and whores. Also, there are tremendous numbers of questions and comments that attack girl’s looks, calling them ugly and fat. Those are the types of things that can lead to depression and even suicide. There are options that can allow people send anonymous messages to others without being identifies. Author says, “They can make all kinds of accusations and not have to deal with the consequences” and I think it is a perfect way of putting it. Author believes that websites like formspring should be shut down so that bullies do not continue to insult others.

It is crazy what the world is turning into if people receive pleasure/satisfaction from humiliating one another. I feel like the author brings out a few interesting ideas, but I cannot say that I agree with everything that she is saying. I agree that people should not leave sexist, or any other negative comments on other peoples pages. We can’t control what people are saying. I agree with her that improvement in technologies has increased the number of ways bullies can reach other people, but I don’t think that that is a good enough reason to shut down the websites. There will always be bullies; shutting down those websites will only cause more face to face humiliations. People like those websites, and if someone doesn’t like receiving negative comments than may be they should not sign up for those sites. I am not sure, but I think there is an option to report a user if you think that his/her action on the website are inappropriate. One suggestion that I would make is for companies to pay more details to those reports. Those websites are multi billion dollar industries and as long as there is demand, companies will keep coming out with more of those sites.


One Response to “Blog Post #2”

  1. kaliponzo December 22, 2010 at 7:09 pm #

    I totally agree with you that bullying is not reason enough to shut down a site. Like you said, we can’t control what other people say. The only thing we can do is just learn how to deal with it. For some people, that means ignoring the comments. For others, it means responding to them in a dignified manner, saying that they are inappropriate, and possibly reporting them. For others, that might mean deactivating their account altogether. In any case, it isn’t the fault of the websites what people say. Shutting them down won’t help the problem of bullying.

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