Blog Post #3

19 Dec

I believe that the article Take Back The Night focuses on things that most women experience almost everyday of their lives. The author talks about her march across her college campus to protest the perpetuation of sexual violence against women and to raise awareness of female movement. During the march women blew the rape whistles, and chanted verses. According to the author most women are afraid to go outside at night because they fear of getting attacked. She describes a situation in which 5 men verbally abused her friend and her. A couple of minutes later another man approached them making some offensive comments towards them. She explains that she felt so angry and scared that during one point in time she yelled “YOU NEED TO LEAVE NOW”.  She says that for some weird reason people around her looked at her, as if they wanted to say, ”Wow, she overreacted”. She goes on talking about her thoughts regarding feminism. The whole reason why she raised her voice at the man was not because she wanted to be mean, but because she was protecting herself from verbal assault.

Though I am not a woman, I found this article very interesting because I can relate to it. Growing up as kid in Russia, I used to live in a dangerous neighborhood. A lot of times I got beaten up for no reason. Similarly to most women, I was afraid walking on the streets alone at night in fear that I might get jumped. I always had to look over my shoulder. I can’t express how much I agree with the author. I believe that marching was an important event because no women should be scared to go outside at night (or any other time for that matter). It was an important event because they create awareness of feminine movement allowing them to feel more secure. If I were there I would definitely march with them because I hate violence against women. I believe that any man that shows violence against women is a coward and he should be severely punished. I personally don’t think that she overreacted when she yelled at the man. It is one thing if he said, “Hi, how are you”, but it is totally different if he is talking about her behind. If I was her, I would do exactly the same thing. The world is so freaking dangerous that I don’t blame women who are scared to go outside at night.


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