Blog Post #2

20 Dec

This post, entitled Glamour Magazine and the Girl on Page 194 discusses how the magazine featured a plus size model about a year ago (on page 194) that got a lot of positive attention and feedback. In response to this, the fashion magazine promised to continue to feature more plus size models. I have noticed lately that magazines actually HAVE started to incorporate this type of beauty more! It is nice to see, and I think especially attractive to readers because “plus size” is usually actually closer to the average size of most women in America.

One example I can think of where “plus size” or more curvy women are featured, is on the show MAD MEN. The show takes place in the 1950s and 60’s when it was thought of as most attractive for women to have a curvy hourglass figure, but I think the show has really influenced fashion and the common stereotype that the only way to be attractive is to be skinny. Since MAD MEN, and other shows where curvaceous women are featured (Keeping Up With the Kardashians etc.) women who don’t necessarily fit the size 0-6 category have begun to grace the covers of Vogue and Glamour, and have have changed what currently is thought of as “sexy” in the media. The Blogger from f-bomb asked if Glamour has actually continued to feature plus size models, and I do think they have, along with other magazines. The balance is still not equal between plus size and thin models in magazines, but I have seen a change, and it is nice to know that different types of bodies, that are more similar to women living and working in America today, are becoming more prevelent in the media.
Emily Stockdale


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