blog post #3

22 Dec

This article goes to show that most of the birth control companies that are in the market are not socially ethical. They are not in any way inclined to promote another companies product because of the fact that it might affect their sales. Just like the article explains, NuvaRing and other birth control are not and should not be used in the place of a condom because STDs can still be transferred if you don’t invest in using a condom. The article also speaks on the fact that society made it so that all the responsibility of protecting the people in the relationship is on the girl. She is expected to use birth control and solve the problem. The is so far from the truth because birth control is only able to potentially stop a woman from getting pregnant. If you only use birth control, what’s going to stop the transfer of STDs? Today’s media, tends to illistrate the fact that it is not the man’s place to look for the proper protection. Man may not be able to have and carry children but he do tend to carry and catch STDs quite easily. The sex education in schools are still not capable of spreading the word about safe sex and actually getting the children and teens to understand the risk of not using a condom. And now you have the super force and influence of the media such as the NuvaRing sending out the wrong message that it is ok to just use birth control as safety. The media should have commercials on the safety of sex and children should learn about it as early as possible because the earlier they no the better. The media should feel responsible for the lack of safe sex education among the teens of today because they are out producing commercials that mislead the teens just to make a profit. It is not ethical!


One Response to “blog post #3”

  1. ccbowe December 23, 2010 at 9:50 pm #

    I agree that birth control puts all of the strain on the woman in the relationship even more when it comes to sex. They are the ones who take the pill so apparently they are safe and will not get pregnant. This will give the boyfriend a huge reason NOT to use a condom. Even if you are using birth control, use a condom!

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