nuvaring sexual misinformation

22 Dec


This post is about a NuvaRing commercial in which several women are talking to each other about their birth control pill mishaps. When one woman is telling a story about dropping one of her pills, she says that a pharmacist tells her she could “just probably just use protection, like a condom…” since she missed a day. The women laugh and say that that defeats the purpose.

The author of this article brings up the point that this seemingly harmless conversation on an advertisement really perpetuates ignorance about using protection during sex. There are people in the world who think that the pill or NuvaRing protects against everything, and that there isn’t ever a need to use a condom. When in fact, neither the pill or NuvaRing protects against HIV or other STD’s. This commercial could perpetuate the idea that pregnancy is the biggest/only risk of having unprotected sex, and that if you’re using one of those two methods of birth control, you would never need to use a condom again. Sure, if you’re in a long term or monogamous relationship and you completely trust your partner, go for it. Rely on your pill. But if you’re not, or you just want to be sure, condoms are the best way (other than abstinence) to protect from STD’s. Not to mention that you could get an STD from oral sex. God forbid you use protection during oral sex.

And then there’s the idea that the woman should always be responsible for birth control. The author brings up this idea at the end of the post, and I probably wouldn’t have even noticed it myself. I think that it’s really interesting, because I feel like when I was growing up and watching TV or movies, they always showed men buying the condoms, but now there is more and more media that shows us women should be in charge of their own birth control. Which I think could be sort of empowering, but I don’t think that it should be completely the responsibility of one sex or another one. A woman could be on birth control and a man could have condoms, just in case.

I just thought this article was really interesting, because while I haven’t seen this particular commercial, I’ve seen commercials like it, and I never thought much of them. It just sort of opened my eyes to the subtext of the commercial that I wasn’t getting.


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