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23 Dec

I love this article on gender expectation in dorms. As a known “feminist” to my friends and family, I always wonder why people just associate me with being a feminist just because I like to stick up for myself, or any woman for that matter. It doesn’t just start in the dorms. My parents are very traditional so for them, being a boy and being a girl are two VERY different things. The things they allow my brother to do are far more extensive than those things that my sisters or I would ever be allowed to do. For instance, dorming. My sisters and I all attended college locally-living at home  whereas my brother was allowed to go away to DC for school where he dormed with other classmates. Whenever I bring this up to my parents about why and how that is fair, my brothers response is always “because I’m a boy and boys are better than girls”. When I asked my parents why my brother can stay out later than me his response is always “because I’m a boy and were stronger than girls and don’t need anyone to take care of us”. Even though he does it just to joke around cause he knows I have very strong opinions on such matters, it still irritates me that my parents still think traditionally.  I like the section in the article when they talk about how most people take the path of least resistance so that they can be accepted. They way I know my brother is just joking around with me is the fact that he is the last person to take the path of least resistance. He lives in a dorm room with one roommate-a basketball player who is all about masculinity to the max. Instead of forming to the norms of how men are supposed to act or worrying about this jock will think, my brother continues to listen Natasha Bedingfield’s “Pocketful of Sunshine” and sing alone in a high pitched voice. He chooses to be himself and not worry about the other kids think of him.



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  1. ccbowe December 23, 2010 at 9:47 pm #

    I totally agree with what you are saying in this post. I have two older brothers and they are always allowed to do so many more things than I am! And when I ask my parents literally say the same thing “because they are guys”. Although, I think you should really try and get your parents to budge on letting you dorm! They are making you miss out on a great experience just because you are a woman, that is ridiculous!

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