Blog Post #2

23 Dec

Lil’ Kim vs. Nicki Minaj

In this blog post on The Crunk Feminist Collective it discusses the battle between Lil’ Kim and newcomer Nicki Minaj. It focuses on Lil’ Kim’s new song Black Friday which is ultimately dissing Nicki Minaj and her new album Pink Friday. Lil’ Kim has been around significantly longer than Nicki Minaj and the fact that Nicki’s new song Roman’s Revenge was targeted towards Lil’ Kim obviously called for retaliation.

“Most of the men with whom I’ve debated this issue,  and it has been primarily men who’ve made this argument, keep suggesting that both Kim and Nicki have ghostwriters, and that Kim has no talent. In other words, both of these women should just go sit down with their cutesie catfight. Can we say sexism?” I would have to completely disagree with this. Lil’ Kim does in fact have talent. And by making this song she was trying to show Nicki Minaj that she can’t run around as a the new kid on the block thinking she’s all that. Although that adds to Nicki Minaj’s persona, I wouldn’t think Lil’ Kim is the best person to have beef with. I completely agree with the fact that the battle between them is good for women and hip-hop. We all know hip-hop isn’t filled with women artists (especially rappers) and I think this is good in the sense that it brings more attention to women rappers. And, I think gives them more credit.

Lil’ Kim won this battle, she’s been around much longer, has worked with some of the most notorious rappers ever known, and let alone is still around after 13 years. Nicki Minaj would be lucky if she lasted 5.




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