blog post #2

23 Dec

I don’t necessarily agree with Taylor Swift being a feminist. She’s just being honest in all her songs. She’s reflecting her life in her lyrics and it doesn’t sound like she’s a feminist at all through her songs. She sounds like a normal 21 year old from what she’s gone through in all her past relationships and breakups. Everyone goes through good and bad relationships, but the different with her is that she is able to express them in a beautiful way through her lyrics and her voice and people are able to connect with her because they go through the same thing. She’s never admitted to being a feminist. Just by singing about her bad relationships about the men that she’s dated doesn’t in any way make her one. She may have the potential of becoming a feminist, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon because she just seems like a relatable, normal, honest girl to me. She has anger within her about all her past relationships and emotions, but who doesn’t? I think it’s great that she’s able to let it all out in her music so other people can relate to her also. Listening to her music is very therapeutic to people, especially for girls around the same age as her because they’ve experieced the same situations as her. She’s allowed herself to be in the more “innocent” side of the Hollywood scene by not partying as much and making the craziest thing she’s done is express her anger in her music. She’s one of the most popular singers in the world now, so clearly she’s doing something right and I think she’s great.



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