Blog post #3

23 Dec

Finally the media got one thing right! And that is page 194 in the September issue of Glamour magazine. The model on this page is 20-year-old Lizzie Miller. She is known as a plus sized model. How can she be a plus sized model if she has the image of the average everyday woman? This is because of that fact that she is being judged against the other women in the fashion industry and those women’s regular size is between a double zero and a four. This is crazy! This is he reason that there are eating disorders and anorexic little girls out there. These girls flip through these magazines and see these impossibly skinny women and feel that is the definition of beauty. The media has got these girls confused and mislead. But now that Glamour magazine is receiving so much positive feedback, hopefully this will tend of putting the plus sized model will catch on and we will start to see more and more of these regular looking models in other magazines and television ads. A plus sized model can range from anywhere from a six to a twenty and thus is great because now the women that are shown in the magazines can vary in size and there is no set size for other women to obsess about looking like. This well help to stop the anorexia and the dangerously eating habits of extremely skinny women. I hope Lizzie Miller’s photo starts a new trend I like the direction that Glamour magazine is going in! 


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