Blog Post #3

23 Dec

Mama w/Pen: Is Social Expectation Destiny for a New Generation of Parents?

In the blog post by Girl w/ Pen called “Mama w/ Pen: Is Social Expectation Destiny for a New Generation of Parents?”. This article focuses on the fact that many new parents are giving their newborn baby boys gender neutral names. The blogger is wondering if this would affect the way that the child grows up and the way that he is influenced (i.e. playing with dolls or trucks). The controversy of whether it is based on biology or social expectation (nature vs. nurture) is ongoing and keeps many people questioning.

I personally believe that it is definitely biology. A little boy could be given trucks and stereotypically “male” toys through out his childhood and grow up to be a very flamboyant homosexual man. Sure, he may show some signs that could give the idea that he may be homosexual at a young age. But, the fact is, the parents supply the toys so in the end I don’t think it really matters what a child plays with when they are younger. Growing up with two older brothers and an older sister I played with all kinds of toys. Don’t get me wrong I would be playing with the WWF action figure dolls with my brothers, and that hasn’t made me prefer women sexually. Just as my brother would dress up in my sister’s dance costumes for fun when he was about three, and he isn’t interested in men sexually.

It is all speculation. When it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter what your name is (gender neutral or not) or what toys you played with as a child; it is something you are born with. You are born with a certain sexually orientation and I do not think that anything influences it through out childhood because it is what it is. It is unstoppable.



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