blog post #3

23 Dec

This article stuck out to me because it started out talking about this girl studying abroad and dealing with street harassers and their comments and how they just don’t get it. I’ve never studied abroad, but I do travel abroad very often. My family is from all over Asia so I travel to places like the Philippines, Hong Kong, India and Indonesia. Just walking around as a girl in these places is putting yourself in danger already.  Indonesia is probably the worst place. No one really drives themselves over there so if me and my cousins want to go to the mall we have the driver take us. And if we ever want to go to the mall ourselves to pick up something really quick, its not allowed because we’re alone in the car with the driver and when you get to the mall they have a section where all the other drivers wait around near the parking lot and just passing through that section is scary. You can’t wear short shorts or dresses because you’re afraid of the comments these guys that sit out on the streets are going to make. You have to make sure in with at least one other person and that you carry mace with you wherever you go. I thought living in New York City was bad, having to deal with being harrased by construction workers as you pass by, but that doesn’t compare to the lifestyle of those in third world countries. Like Beth had shouted in response to one of the car honks “its sexual terrorism!”, if I were to say something like that to the men in Indonesia, no one would even understand what I was saying to them. Being uneducated doesn’t help the situation because these men don’t understand that what they are doing is wrong.


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