Blog Post 3

23 Dec

On this blog, a post entitled “Operation Anti-discrimination” made me think about shopping and the discrimination that takes place in clothing stores. This girl blogs about how she hates the store Hollister, and how she is about to engage in an experiment with her friends, dressing up as different stereotypical shoppers at the mall. She will be dressing up as an overweight girl, wearing baggy sweats and no makeup, and entering a store she has strong opinions about. She states in the blog, that part of her, hopes that when she asks them if they have her size, they will try to help her without being rude and discriminatory, but part of her hopes they won’t.

As a college kid, I barely have the time or money to do shopping myself. I have a friend who is obsessed with designer brands and always wants to go to Louis Vuitton and Gucci, just to look around. I always feel really uncomfortable when we go in though, because for some reason I think it’s obvious I can’t afford anything, and am not wearing designer clothes myself. I’ve never been outright disrespected, but whenever we go in, I feel out of place and unwanted. This idea of discrimination in stores is interesting, since you’d think all they want to do is sell as many items as possible, but then there IS discrimination if you are not their ideal customer. I think for designer stores, this better than-thou attitude works because the clothes appear too good for just anyone to own, making their value go up.

Emily Stockdale


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