Blog Post #5

23 Dec

The Real Meaning of Marriage

In the blog post “The Real Meaning of Marriage” on Feminism/Popular Culture it focuses on exactly what the title says. The blogger is annoyed because she feels that weddings are being taken overboard by brides who are all about the wedding scene and what everything looks like. She read a blog about a beautiful wedding and seemed to be mocking it a bit. “Also, apparently, when talking weddings “old fashioned” is a good thing. “That is quite romantic and old-fashioned. It seems like veils covering the face at weddings have slowely (sic) been phased out – I still adore the sentiment!””

Although I agree with the blogger to some extent I think she needs to give a little bit of leeway to the wedding blogger. Weddings in the first place should be all about love. Why else would you be getting married? It is about the celebration of being able to spend the rest of your life with your partner and best friend. But, as a woman, this may be a stereotype but, yes, the day must be perfect. To the tee. Everything has to be exactly as the bride (and groom if he is that interested) envisions it. It is the most important day of a woman’s life and I don’t think it is wrong to take beauty even in something as small as the veil. Obviously, the love is the main beauty of a wedding. But the dress, scenery and atmosphere definitely add to it.



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