Blog Post #6

23 Dec

Survival of the Fittest

In the blog post “Survival of the Fittest” on F-Bomb it focuses on the violence towards women by men. this includes rape, hurt, intimidate or murder. But, she says that it not only includes all of those brutal acts but simply hollering out comments as a woman is walking down the street. It is the same thing and it is a way that a man is looking for power over women.

I completely agree with everything that the blogger is saying. It is all about power. Men feel that by demeaning women in whatever way they do that they are becoming more powerful from that. Like they are in control of you. And I also agree that even when you don’t know the man, just walking down the street out of the blue if they yell something out that is sexual harassment. Women are human beings just like men, they don’t want anyone making comments about them out of nowhere. Some women may find this flattering I find it very invasive and disgusting. Not only that, but it makes me feel uncomfortable, especially if they say vulgar remarks. And it is only men towards women. I wonder how men would react if women started screaming “owwww owwww! Look at that ass” as they walked by, they would probably be shocked!

The fact is that, women are more likely to be raped or sexually abused. It is something that all women constantly have to beware of and looking over their shoulder. It is completely unfair that just because women are generally weaker than men that they feel they can control us. It doesn’t make them powerful, it makes them cowards.



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