Social Construction Exercise

23 Dec


The ad that I chose is a Yoplait Light advertisement. The ad focuses on a young lady walking around in a bikini, covered by a bubble tube. She seems uncomfortable in the bikini and isn’t confident with herself. It’s presumed that the women eats the yogurt and as days go by, she loses weight. At the end of the ad, she is clad in an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini and feels fantastic about the way she looks. This ad is targeted towards women, of all ages, who want to lose weight and feel good about themselves. By eating Yoplait Light, its presumed that one could lose weight gradually and in a healthy manner. In today’s time, with the highly populated obesity level increasing, people are looking to extreme measures to lose weight. The advertisement makes it seem easy to lose weight and look good. The end of the ad says to “lose the weight” and to “find the confidence,” which many people build by losing weight. The women in the bikini eats the yogurt and smiles while sitting on the sand in the beach in her yellow polka dot bikini at the very end. She seems content with herself by eating the yogurt. The colors used in this advertisement bring out the happy side of people. It’s a neutral color and doesn’t seem like they are targeting one type of female. The most commonly chosen color when describing a girl in today’s time is the color pink. By choosing the color yellow, it shows that anyone can eat this yogurt and look good and feel confident. By using the colors, the advertisement was made to look fun and bright. The message of this advertisement is that anyone who eats this yogurt will lose weight and have confidence. I don’t necessarily find this to be true as the advertisement makes it seem too easy to lose weight. People should not have to lose weight to find confidence in themselves. Confidence comes from within and not from the way you look.


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