Blog Post 6 – Survival of the Fittest

24 Dec

I know I already blogged once about my experience and opinions on verbal harassment and cat-calling to women on the street, but this post I found on the fbomb brought up some interesting points for me. The blogger comments on how she can’t believe in post feminism because women must literalyl face street harassment every day, and it is a constant example of men’s power over women. She discusses how some of her friends find catcalling flattering, but every time she approaches a group of men she automatically feels self conscious of her breasts and thighs, like she shouldn’t be showing them. She discusses how even though the men on the street probably don’t put very much thought into it before they say things to women, the fact that they view a woman’s body as public property to comment on is scary and only makes you think about what they feel they can do on a more extreme level. Being catcalled is a constant reminder that a woman is being viewed only as a sex object, and is being reduced simply to the way she looks. The blogger goes on to talk about how catcalling has more to do with men maintaining their traditional power role, than sex. If they feel like they can say these things to a woman, and are above her, they reinforce this power dynamic. They can’t actually expect a date out of it, but by commenting on a woman’s body, they are saying she is only worth the way she physically looks, which makes them feel dominant. The writer wraps up the post and says verbal harassment is “yet another example of female sexuality being used to degrade and punish.” Catcalling and verbal assault is one of the main examples I see of women being degraded in every day life, so I found this post interesting and agreed with the writer’s points about male power being ingrained in our society.


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