blog post #4

29 Dec

I truly appreciated my curves after reading this about Lizzie Miller from the cover of Glamour magazine. Society doesn’t allow normal sized women to feel confident or sexy about themselves. Society makes women in today’s world feel like the models on magazine covers and the models that walk the runways are normal but those are the women that are actually not normal. The majority of women are not 6 feet tall and a size 0. Clothes are not even sold in stores for women of that size. Being curvy is what’s sexy. There are so many more celebrities in today’s world that are showing off their curves and showing everyone else to accept their body in any way or form. For example, J Lo, Beyonce, Kim & Khloe Kardashian are one of the sexiest celebrities right now and those girls are nowhere close to being a size 0. They are gorgeous, confident, successful young ladies and are doing a great job of increasing the acceptance of body image, just like Lizzie Miller did on the cover of Glamour magazine. They are inspirational. But the media and society needs to accept it too and not continuously criticize women with normal looking curves. The problem is that it’s the society and us readers that allow the magazines and media to criticize us and tell us what normal is and what normal isn’t. We are the only ones that can truly make a change.



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