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Blog Post #6

23 Dec

Survival of the Fittest

In the blog post “Survival of the Fittest” on F-Bomb it focuses on the violence towards women by men. this includes rape, hurt, intimidate or murder. But, she says that it not only includes all of those brutal acts but simply hollering out comments as a woman is walking down the street. It is the same thing and it is a way that a man is looking for power over women.

I completely agree with everything that the blogger is saying. It is all about power. Men feel that by demeaning women in whatever way they do that they are becoming more powerful from that. Like they are in control of you. And I also agree that even when you don’t know the man, just walking down the street out of the blue if they yell something out that is sexual harassment. Women are human beings just like men, they don’t want anyone making comments about them out of nowhere. Some women may find this flattering I find it very invasive and disgusting. Not only that, but it makes me feel uncomfortable, especially if they say vulgar remarks. And it is only men towards women. I wonder how men would react if women started screaming “owwww owwww! Look at that ass” as they walked by, they would probably be shocked!

The fact is that, women are more likely to be raped or sexually abused. It is something that all women constantly have to beware of and looking over their shoulder. It is completely unfair that just because women are generally weaker than men that they feel they can control us. It doesn’t make them powerful, it makes them cowards.



Blog Post #5

23 Dec

The Real Meaning of Marriage

In the blog post “The Real Meaning of Marriage” on Feminism/Popular Culture it focuses on exactly what the title says. The blogger is annoyed because she feels that weddings are being taken overboard by brides who are all about the wedding scene and what everything looks like. She read a blog about a beautiful wedding and seemed to be mocking it a bit. “Also, apparently, when talking weddings “old fashioned” is a good thing. “That is quite romantic and old-fashioned. It seems like veils covering the face at weddings have slowely (sic) been phased out – I still adore the sentiment!””

Although I agree with the blogger to some extent I think she needs to give a little bit of leeway to the wedding blogger. Weddings in the first place should be all about love. Why else would you be getting married? It is about the celebration of being able to spend the rest of your life with your partner and best friend. But, as a woman, this may be a stereotype but, yes, the day must be perfect. To the tee. Everything has to be exactly as the bride (and groom if he is that interested) envisions it. It is the most important day of a woman’s life and I don’t think it is wrong to take beauty even in something as small as the veil. Obviously, the love is the main beauty of a wedding. But the dress, scenery and atmosphere definitely add to it.


Blog Post #3

23 Dec

Mama w/Pen: Is Social Expectation Destiny for a New Generation of Parents?

In the blog post by Girl w/ Pen called “Mama w/ Pen: Is Social Expectation Destiny for a New Generation of Parents?”. This article focuses on the fact that many new parents are giving their newborn baby boys gender neutral names. The blogger is wondering if this would affect the way that the child grows up and the way that he is influenced (i.e. playing with dolls or trucks). The controversy of whether it is based on biology or social expectation (nature vs. nurture) is ongoing and keeps many people questioning.

I personally believe that it is definitely biology. A little boy could be given trucks and stereotypically “male” toys through out his childhood and grow up to be a very flamboyant homosexual man. Sure, he may show some signs that could give the idea that he may be homosexual at a young age. But, the fact is, the parents supply the toys so in the end I don’t think it really matters what a child plays with when they are younger. Growing up with two older brothers and an older sister I played with all kinds of toys. Don’t get me wrong I would be playing with the WWF action figure dolls with my brothers, and that hasn’t made me prefer women sexually. Just as my brother would dress up in my sister’s dance costumes for fun when he was about three, and he isn’t interested in men sexually.

It is all speculation. When it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter what your name is (gender neutral or not) or what toys you played with as a child; it is something you are born with. You are born with a certain sexually orientation and I do not think that anything influences it through out childhood because it is what it is. It is unstoppable.


Blog Post #2

23 Dec

Lil’ Kim vs. Nicki Minaj

In this blog post on The Crunk Feminist Collective it discusses the battle between Lil’ Kim and newcomer Nicki Minaj. It focuses on Lil’ Kim’s new song Black Friday which is ultimately dissing Nicki Minaj and her new album Pink Friday. Lil’ Kim has been around significantly longer than Nicki Minaj and the fact that Nicki’s new song Roman’s Revenge was targeted towards Lil’ Kim obviously called for retaliation.

“Most of the men with whom I’ve debated this issue,  and it has been primarily men who’ve made this argument, keep suggesting that both Kim and Nicki have ghostwriters, and that Kim has no talent. In other words, both of these women should just go sit down with their cutesie catfight. Can we say sexism?” I would have to completely disagree with this. Lil’ Kim does in fact have talent. And by making this song she was trying to show Nicki Minaj that she can’t run around as a the new kid on the block thinking she’s all that. Although that adds to Nicki Minaj’s persona, I wouldn’t think Lil’ Kim is the best person to have beef with. I completely agree with the fact that the battle between them is good for women and hip-hop. We all know hip-hop isn’t filled with women artists (especially rappers) and I think this is good in the sense that it brings more attention to women rappers. And, I think gives them more credit.

Lil’ Kim won this battle, she’s been around much longer, has worked with some of the most notorious rappers ever known, and let alone is still around after 13 years. Nicki Minaj would be lucky if she lasted 5.



Blog Post #4

8 Dec

The poem that I read on the blog was called “Rape Poem”. Although it was a short poem it was very affective in displaying its message to the audience. Obviously this poem was about a rape. The woman who wrote it describes her experience by being raped by a man. The first line is “He broke me and controlled me drink after drink.” This could have many different interpretations but I think that it means that with each drink he broke her by getting her to trust him more and open up more, and that he controlled her because each drink she would be getting more drunk given him not of an advantage to rape her.

One line that I found very powerful is “the removal of clothing, the removal of self, drunk and dirty and pained.” She uses a metaphor as the removal of self. The violation that she feels removes her out of her own body to the point where she has lost complete control that she is not even present in her own self. I think this poem is extremely effective because it gives the audience a chance to see not only how she was violated but how disgusted and truly affected she was by it. It is obvious to tell from the poem (especially the last line) that she is obviously affected by it every single day. She says “my mouth is always sore, and my lips still bleed.” I am not quite sure what exactly it means in the way that she uses it, but I definitely can interpret from it that she feels the pain from her rape all of the time.

Although this poem recalls a horrible experience in a woman’s life I feel that it is very empowering. Not only does she get to get her feelings out in the open in an artistic way, but she gets the chance to help other women going through the same experience and feelings.


Blog Post #1

14 Oct

Lachrista Greco writes the blog called REBEL GRRRL ITALIANA. One of her blog posts is called “Rita Atria: La Siciliana Ribelle”. The post is about a movie that she went to go see called “The Sicilian Girl”. She explained the movie and I found it to be very interesting and inspirational. It was a true story about a 17-year old girl named Rita Atria who was born and raised in Sicily, Italy. Her family was a family that was affiliated with the mafia and when her father and brother were killed as a result she went to the police.

I found this a very brave thing to do because she went against where she came from to honor her father and brother. Some people would argue that her father and brother would be disappointed because mafia gangs are so tight knit and she gave up many other names she knew to the police. But I would say that it was very honorable because she stood for what was right in the end. Even if this meant risking her life because she and the police knew that the mafia would be after her after she had spoken. Not only was she risking her safety also, her family completely disowned her. She was placed in the witness protection program.

The mafia killed two men who were working on the case of her father and brother. Rita kept a diary in which she wrote “I am devastated by the killing of Judge Borsellino. Now there’s no one to protect me, I’m scared and I can’t take it anymore.” The ending to this story is tragic. Because of remorse and emptiness Rita jumped out of her 7th story window plunging to her death. Although in the end Rita could not deal with the pain of everything that had been happening in her life she still shows an inspiring story of courage and justice. Doing what she believed ultimately ended in her death because she felt like she had no one anymore. She was so scared and felt like there was no other way out. I loved the way Lachrista ended the post “Through the darkness and pain, Atria wrote bits of hopefulness. She states: “Perhaps an honest world will never exist, but who prevents us from dreaming. Perhaps if each one of us tries to change, perhaps we will succeed.”’ She leaves the post in a positive light leaving the reader with hope.

Emporio Armani Cologne Ad

7 Oct

The ad that I chose is an Emporio Armani cologne advertisement. The cologne is called Diamonds. It features a famous actor named Josh Hartnett as the focus of the ad. It shows him being swarmed by paparazzi and beautiful women. Josh Hartnett looks very content in the ad and seems to be loving all of the attention that he is getting. He is dressed in a nice suit and the others you can see in the ad seem to be dressed up to. In small print it says “hard to resist!” above the product name. It is a black and white advertisement that gives it an old Hollywood look and feel to it.
This ad is focused towards men. It has a celebrity on it which portrays the idea that whoever wears it will be getting a huge amount of attention and be as important and loved as a celebrity would be. To add to the idea of attention and praise it has what looks to be paparazzi all around the main man in the ad. And, it shows beautiful women with their hands all over him. It sends the message that if a man buys this cologne he will be irresistible to women, which every man wants. Also, because of the fact that it is in black and white it adds sophistication as does the brand name alone as it is a designer brand. I think the name diamonds for the cologne also plays a part in advertisement. Everyone knows the saying “diamonds are a girls best friend” and by a man wearing this cologne its as if he is the diamonds to women. It seems as if the ad should be aimed towards bachelor men but I think it is aimed towards all men. I think this because the whole point is that this cologne will make any man feel like he is famous, praised, important and loved by women. It is completely unrealistic as to what the actual effects of a man wearing the cologne would be, as are mostly all advertisements we see today