blog post #3

23 Dec

This article stuck out to me because it started out talking about this girl studying abroad and dealing with street harassers and their comments and how they just don’t get it. I’ve never studied abroad, but I do travel abroad very often. My family is from all over Asia so I travel to places like the Philippines, Hong Kong, India and Indonesia. Just walking around as a girl in these places is putting yourself in danger already.  Indonesia is probably the worst place. No one really drives themselves over there so if me and my cousins want to go to the mall we have the driver take us. And if we ever want to go to the mall ourselves to pick up something really quick, its not allowed because we’re alone in the car with the driver and when you get to the mall they have a section where all the other drivers wait around near the parking lot and just passing through that section is scary. You can’t wear short shorts or dresses because you’re afraid of the comments these guys that sit out on the streets are going to make. You have to make sure in with at least one other person and that you carry mace with you wherever you go. I thought living in New York City was bad, having to deal with being harrased by construction workers as you pass by, but that doesn’t compare to the lifestyle of those in third world countries. Like Beth had shouted in response to one of the car honks “its sexual terrorism!”, if I were to say something like that to the men in Indonesia, no one would even understand what I was saying to them. Being uneducated doesn’t help the situation because these men don’t understand that what they are doing is wrong.


Blog Post #3

23 Dec

Mama w/Pen: Is Social Expectation Destiny for a New Generation of Parents?

In the blog post by Girl w/ Pen called “Mama w/ Pen: Is Social Expectation Destiny for a New Generation of Parents?”. This article focuses on the fact that many new parents are giving their newborn baby boys gender neutral names. The blogger is wondering if this would affect the way that the child grows up and the way that he is influenced (i.e. playing with dolls or trucks). The controversy of whether it is based on biology or social expectation (nature vs. nurture) is ongoing and keeps many people questioning.

I personally believe that it is definitely biology. A little boy could be given trucks and stereotypically “male” toys through out his childhood and grow up to be a very flamboyant homosexual man. Sure, he may show some signs that could give the idea that he may be homosexual at a young age. But, the fact is, the parents supply the toys so in the end I don’t think it really matters what a child plays with when they are younger. Growing up with two older brothers and an older sister I played with all kinds of toys. Don’t get me wrong I would be playing with the WWF action figure dolls with my brothers, and that hasn’t made me prefer women sexually. Just as my brother would dress up in my sister’s dance costumes for fun when he was about three, and he isn’t interested in men sexually.

It is all speculation. When it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter what your name is (gender neutral or not) or what toys you played with as a child; it is something you are born with. You are born with a certain sexually orientation and I do not think that anything influences it through out childhood because it is what it is. It is unstoppable.


Social Construction Exercise

23 Dec


The ad that I chose is a Yoplait Light advertisement. The ad focuses on a young lady walking around in a bikini, covered by a bubble tube. She seems uncomfortable in the bikini and isn’t confident with herself. It’s presumed that the women eats the yogurt and as days go by, she loses weight. At the end of the ad, she is clad in an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini and feels fantastic about the way she looks. This ad is targeted towards women, of all ages, who want to lose weight and feel good about themselves. By eating Yoplait Light, its presumed that one could lose weight gradually and in a healthy manner. In today’s time, with the highly populated obesity level increasing, people are looking to extreme measures to lose weight. The advertisement makes it seem easy to lose weight and look good. The end of the ad says to “lose the weight” and to “find the confidence,” which many people build by losing weight. The women in the bikini eats the yogurt and smiles while sitting on the sand in the beach in her yellow polka dot bikini at the very end. She seems content with herself by eating the yogurt. The colors used in this advertisement bring out the happy side of people. It’s a neutral color and doesn’t seem like they are targeting one type of female. The most commonly chosen color when describing a girl in today’s time is the color pink. By choosing the color yellow, it shows that anyone can eat this yogurt and look good and feel confident. By using the colors, the advertisement was made to look fun and bright. The message of this advertisement is that anyone who eats this yogurt will lose weight and have confidence. I don’t necessarily find this to be true as the advertisement makes it seem too easy to lose weight. People should not have to lose weight to find confidence in themselves. Confidence comes from within and not from the way you look.

blog post #2

23 Dec

I don’t necessarily agree with Taylor Swift being a feminist. She’s just being honest in all her songs. She’s reflecting her life in her lyrics and it doesn’t sound like she’s a feminist at all through her songs. She sounds like a normal 21 year old from what she’s gone through in all her past relationships and breakups. Everyone goes through good and bad relationships, but the different with her is that she is able to express them in a beautiful way through her lyrics and her voice and people are able to connect with her because they go through the same thing. She’s never admitted to being a feminist. Just by singing about her bad relationships about the men that she’s dated doesn’t in any way make her one. She may have the potential of becoming a feminist, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon because she just seems like a relatable, normal, honest girl to me. She has anger within her about all her past relationships and emotions, but who doesn’t? I think it’s great that she’s able to let it all out in her music so other people can relate to her also. Listening to her music is very therapeutic to people, especially for girls around the same age as her because they’ve experieced the same situations as her. She’s allowed herself to be in the more “innocent” side of the Hollywood scene by not partying as much and making the craziest thing she’s done is express her anger in her music. She’s one of the most popular singers in the world now, so clearly she’s doing something right and I think she’s great.


blog post #1

23 Dec

I love this article on gender expectation in dorms. As a known “feminist” to my friends and family, I always wonder why people just associate me with being a feminist just because I like to stick up for myself, or any woman for that matter. It doesn’t just start in the dorms. My parents are very traditional so for them, being a boy and being a girl are two VERY different things. The things they allow my brother to do are far more extensive than those things that my sisters or I would ever be allowed to do. For instance, dorming. My sisters and I all attended college locally-living at home  whereas my brother was allowed to go away to DC for school where he dormed with other classmates. Whenever I bring this up to my parents about why and how that is fair, my brothers response is always “because I’m a boy and boys are better than girls”. When I asked my parents why my brother can stay out later than me his response is always “because I’m a boy and were stronger than girls and don’t need anyone to take care of us”. Even though he does it just to joke around cause he knows I have very strong opinions on such matters, it still irritates me that my parents still think traditionally.  I like the section in the article when they talk about how most people take the path of least resistance so that they can be accepted. They way I know my brother is just joking around with me is the fact that he is the last person to take the path of least resistance. He lives in a dorm room with one roommate-a basketball player who is all about masculinity to the max. Instead of forming to the norms of how men are supposed to act or worrying about this jock will think, my brother continues to listen Natasha Bedingfield’s “Pocketful of Sunshine” and sing alone in a high pitched voice. He chooses to be himself and not worry about the other kids think of him.


Blog Post #2

23 Dec

Lil’ Kim vs. Nicki Minaj

In this blog post on The Crunk Feminist Collective it discusses the battle between Lil’ Kim and newcomer Nicki Minaj. It focuses on Lil’ Kim’s new song Black Friday which is ultimately dissing Nicki Minaj and her new album Pink Friday. Lil’ Kim has been around significantly longer than Nicki Minaj and the fact that Nicki’s new song Roman’s Revenge was targeted towards Lil’ Kim obviously called for retaliation.

“Most of the men with whom I’ve debated this issue,  and it has been primarily men who’ve made this argument, keep suggesting that both Kim and Nicki have ghostwriters, and that Kim has no talent. In other words, both of these women should just go sit down with their cutesie catfight. Can we say sexism?” I would have to completely disagree with this. Lil’ Kim does in fact have talent. And by making this song she was trying to show Nicki Minaj that she can’t run around as a the new kid on the block thinking she’s all that. Although that adds to Nicki Minaj’s persona, I wouldn’t think Lil’ Kim is the best person to have beef with. I completely agree with the fact that the battle between them is good for women and hip-hop. We all know hip-hop isn’t filled with women artists (especially rappers) and I think this is good in the sense that it brings more attention to women rappers. And, I think gives them more credit.

Lil’ Kim won this battle, she’s been around much longer, has worked with some of the most notorious rappers ever known, and let alone is still around after 13 years. Nicki Minaj would be lucky if she lasted 5.



Blog post #3

23 Dec

Finally the media got one thing right! And that is page 194 in the September issue of Glamour magazine. The model on this page is 20-year-old Lizzie Miller. She is known as a plus sized model. How can she be a plus sized model if she has the image of the average everyday woman? This is because of that fact that she is being judged against the other women in the fashion industry and those women’s regular size is between a double zero and a four. This is crazy! This is he reason that there are eating disorders and anorexic little girls out there. These girls flip through these magazines and see these impossibly skinny women and feel that is the definition of beauty. The media has got these girls confused and mislead. But now that Glamour magazine is receiving so much positive feedback, hopefully this will tend of putting the plus sized model will catch on and we will start to see more and more of these regular looking models in other magazines and television ads. A plus sized model can range from anywhere from a six to a twenty and thus is great because now the women that are shown in the magazines can vary in size and there is no set size for other women to obsess about looking like. This well help to stop the anorexia and the dangerously eating habits of extremely skinny women. I hope Lizzie Miller’s photo starts a new trend I like the direction that Glamour magazine is going in!